Monday, March 14, 2005

O'Watt's Imagined

For Leanne O'Sullivan

What O'Watts imagines is
she may fly as Fiontan
flew, if she attempts to launch
like the old Irish poet flock
who thought themselves as birds
and made her realise how wings
are crucial to suceed in flight as a shapeshifter.
So now she nows all her slim options
she decides to try out her wings
with no cutting quips
or wry observations
by flying in the form of an elegy
to the dark one who caught her imagination's
ember alight.


Western star gathers with the druid-spawn
in full blather-wear,
making well-worn anecdotes of one another,
and lies before their surety in tongue
to find, hanging from the mythical branch
where pure-nut fruits of the poets' toil are torn
Manannán's raiment in ancient straight cry

You've now found your soul so sing all
your song, as fear or doubt cannot haunt
where you belong. Your flesh fits and my
measure's this gift; go, weave the thread of life's
ageless truth twining timeless within your
spirit, and tell of what is to all
those who are yet to cross your ever wide
path from this moment onward.

And in tall dreams
with future high hopes
for all those sorts of people
who urge their love not to hide
O’Watts imagines.


neon said...

hi there, i love to see a little bit of poetry. Great stuff, keep it up. i shall avidly (yes avidly!) read the next installment (she says in a somewhat crazed and twitchy-eyed way!)

Stuart said...

Thanks for posting a poem on my weblog (here)
I thought I would return the compliment:

Yes is an s

blue light
water shine
flickers on down inside
the right-sided find
when the green blade

which rasps loudly

has passed down
to beyond where
all that has clasped
has grasped
and let go

yes is an s
an expression

the menace of a huge open space
repressed and defaced
will open and re-appear
no fear

put it down
don’t let it in
shed some light now
fight now
just for spite now

playful but bitter
couldn’t tell who hit her
or when the game is ended
erased like
the reaction hoped and

a piece of the action.

Paul Adams said...
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androstenone said...

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